Manda’s Story

From heroin…to death…to HOPE

Prevention begins with knowledge and insight of drug addiction.  Manda’s Story provides both

Manda’s Story can prevent self-destruction from drug use.

How is it possible to captivate the attention and focus of a gathering of several hundred adolescents for an hour and convince them to reject the drug culture that entices them with the promise of an escape from every angst they have ever suffered or will ever suffer?

You tell a story real to them, a story replete with authentic details that document the elements of drug addiction: despair, loss of self-identity, erosion of resilience, deterioration of dignity and self-respect.

Since December of 2002, I have told Manda’s Story to every public and private group that has invited me. The purpose of detailing her addiction and subsequent death is to prevent self-abuse with drugs and the catastrophic consequences of their use. As much as I would like to personally protect every young person from addiction to drugs, I can’t. However, Manda’s Story can help them protect themselves. It also can motivate their parents to take the specific actions needed to protect their children.

Manda’s Story has the power to prevent life-endangering behavior and I remain committed to telling it.

The first 30 seconds of a desperate father’s 911 call

Saturday 9:15 pm, March 30, 2002

“Change starts with enlightenment about drug addiction and there is a story that can initiate that change.  It is “Manda’s Story.”

Mann Spitler

Here’s what people are saying…

“Despite the loss of his daughter, Mann perseveres to help others. I am one of those people he touched. He is the first person who has actually given me a reason to stop my bad habits ​. “

Anonymous Student

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