My Mission

What Matters To Me

My mission is to expose the nature of and tactics used by the “Beast of Drug Addiction” by narrating Manda’s Story to our young and their parents so they may learn how to instantly recognize this cunning “Beast”, immediately reject it and its offer of a “chemical escape hatch” from all miseries.

The “Beast” of Drug Addiction

Here are the “Beast’s” own words: “I am ancient, as old as mankind. I am invisible, silent, intangible, indestructible and eternally deadly. Unrelentingly, I stalk the young, seeking to destroy their lives by enslaving their brains, inveigling them to most willingly subject themselves to terrifying risks with potentially catastrophic consequences. Beguilingly, I first present myself as a soothing angel sent to assuage their mental anguish and heal any excruciating emotional wounds. What lie is more enticing to a troubled teen than that? NOTHING.

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