“… I will think of your [Manda's] Story and know that no boy or drug is worth dying over.…”

“… I really do think that by sharing your story has changed others point of view on using drugs.…”

“… I think it is great that you tell your story to all the people you tell because it will help many people think about quitting what they are doing or helping them to never try something so stupid and life threatening as drugs.…”

“… Your story really hit me. After I heard it I was like, no way, that is too harmful and I could never do that to my family.…”

“… you coming here and telling your story affected me by showing me how my parents may have felt.…”

“… I appreciate what you did to teach us that picking up one cigarette could lead us toa lethal drug.…”

“… You made me not want to do drug ever.…”

“… It has made me take a look at the dangerous path I went down with my drug abuse and it makes me grateful for my sobriety.…”

“… I think it is good to teach people the nature of the beast before it can strike down another life.…”

“… [Manda's Story] made me think about how drugs can not only hurt one person but an entire family.…”

“… It [Manda's Story] made my view of drugs change, and now I know to pick the right choice of people to be around and to know that the drugs don't only effect me, they effect my family and friends.…”

“… hearing your story has inspired me to really value all of the things that I have in life, and not to throw it all down the drain just because my friends or someone wants me to go out and try drugs…”

“… Thanks for sharing Mandas' story with us.…”G.S.

“… You helped and inspired me to never even think about doing any sort of drug. I think it is a fantastic thing that you go and talk to all the places that you are invited to …” A.S.

"… Listening to you talk made me realize some of the choices I've made in my life was very wrong and I should have thought of my family before I did them " A.B.

"…It wasn't like a man giving us advice and sharing a sorrowful story; it was like a friend speaking because you understand a lot of things that not all parents do …”  L.G.

"… Your speech has helped me from myself. I would usually be doing some sort of bad habit or drug… I'm worth too much to some people to die at a young age." E.R.

"… What you have told us about your daughter has let me know which path I should choose… Keep telling everyone your story." M.G.

"… I started to think about what I was doing to myself and thought that maybe I should stop [ drinking]. I had remembered about what happened to your daughter and I thinkthat also helped me to stop…" M.H.

"… You inspired me to give up smoking and to continue on with my dream. My dream is to become a writer. I quit smoking and I have quit giving in to the beast…" A.S.

"… That presentation was very touching and it made me cry. I loved it. My friend does heroin and after I heard what you said [it] made me tell him to stop and he took my advice… " C.P.

“…I think way different about drugs now and what they do to you." B.B.

"… I knew you opened people's eyes to think before they do that [drugs]. I also think you changed people, too. I know you at least changed me…" K.R.

“… The 911 tape gave me the chills." S.S./KMS student newspaper article

“…I wasn't sure if the program would keep my attention at the beginning, but it certainly did," L,S,/KMS student newspaper article

"… We talk about these things all the time in health class. It was a much different experience to see something that really happened and to know it can happen to you." J.S./KMS student newspaper article

"… When he said he went into the bathroom [where she died] and had just been talking to her, I realized just how quickly things can happen." M.S./KMS student newspaper article

“… You helped and inspired me to never even think about doing any sort of drug. I think it is a fantastic thing that you go and talk to all the places that you are invited to …” A.S.

“…  You made me realize doing drugs doesn't only hurt yourself, but the people who love you Your speech will always stay with me for the rest of my life! I know that it's important to remember a few hours of what they think of as harmless fun can lead to years of addiction or death, causing loved ones pain". A.M.

“… Having you come here and influence me makes me want to be the best I can be. J.T.

"Dear Dr. Spitler… I just want to thank you for coming in and talking to us. I think it opened a lot of people's eyes and it touched me also. My father died of cancer a year ago because ofhis addiction to cigarettes. I know his addiction to cigarettes isn't as serious as your daughter's with heroin, but it is to me. And, the part of your speech when you said that if you had passed away, you would want your daughter to have a good life and be happy-I thought about myself and it justifies the way I feel." C.B.

"Dear Dr. Spitler… When you were telling us everything you had told your daughter, you reminded me of my father. He's always telling me what and who to look out for, and he's always on my back about things. He gets a bit aggravating when he keeps repeating himself about things I need to be aware of. And, like your daughter, I'd say, 'Dad! I know. I can take care of myself.' He says, 'No', I don't know, and continues to tell me these things every day. I thought he was just being annoying, but from your story, I understood a bit more what's going through his head. He just wants me to make the right decisions in my life and stay out of trouble. Your story touched me a lot and I thank you for telling us. I'm going to give my dad a big hug when I get home!! " J .H.

"Dear Dr. Spitler… Sorry about your loss. At least there is some good of it. Your speech has helped me from myself. I would usually be doing some sort of bad habit or drug. But I write poetry, too, and I might have a lot to live for. I'm worth too much to some people to die at a young age. Thank you." E.R.

“… I don't understand why parents are so in denial about drugs. student" Anonymous

“… I thought that the speaker was a great idea. I had never had a speaker that interested me or had my attention for a whole one hour and 25 minutes. When we finished I walked up to him and I had to shake his hand I think more people would think about [the dangers of] doing heroin. I know I will." R.S.

“… Dr. Spitler was the most powerful speaker that we have had this year. He showed us a side of what can come of drug use that never is really thought of …" A.R.

“…  It is not worth the risk of doing drugs, There is too much on the line and too many people to hurt by doing something like that, I will not do drugs and I will express my feelings toward others, I appreciated the time he spent with us and I will try to justify her [Manda'a] death by telling others,"

Anonymous student

" It's sad that something like this had to make people realize how dangerous it is." Anonymous student

“…I  think that many people in that room will not even try things now because of things he had said " Anonymous student

"… The part of the speech I will take with me is when he played the [911] tape; I think I will never forget that. When I shook his hand before walking out, he really touched me " Anonymous student

“…He was straight up--no lies. He wasn't like a normal speaker telling you only what he is 'allowed to'. He shares everything, which was really cool. He didn't try and scare us or just tell us 'this is bad' He knew how to get through to people because he actually had the experience of losing someone to heroin; It wasn't just book knowledge being recited to us with no emotion " Kendell, a student

"… Despite the loss of his daughter, Mann perseveres to help others. I am one of those people he touched. He is the first person who has actually given me a reason to stop my bad habits " Anonymous student