West Allis Central High School

Paul Mielke, Principal

“… To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to recommend Mann Spitler as a speaker for your school or organization. Dr. Spitler recently shared Manda's Story at my high school, West Allis Central, in November of 2010. Central is a diverse school made up of over 1400 students. Armed with only a small screen, projector, and a microphone, Dr. Spitler had the students mesmerized for over an hour. Having almost 1500 people (students and staff) seated in a field house is normally less than optimal for a presentation. However, the very moment Dr. Spitler started to speak the audience was quiet, attentive and engaged. During the course of the presentation, Dr. Spitler shares the recording of the 911 call that was made the day his daughter passed away. I don't know how he finds the courage or strength to relive the 911 call, but it was one of the most powerful, touching and moving stories that I have ever heard told. Many tears were shed from both staff and students. Over students were deeply moved by Manda's Story and it is a story that will not soon leave them. After the presentation, a group of students stayed to share their stories with Dr. Spitler-it was obvious the impact that this presentation had on them. Many of our staff told me that it was the best presentation that they had ever seen in terms of student impact. Many students thanked me having the opportunity to hear Manda's Story. Overall, this was a tremendous experience for all of our students and staff. Manda's Story will long be remembered. I know in my heart, that lives were saved and changed at West Allis Central because of Dr. Spitler's presentation. Dr. Spitler has managed to change the tragedy of one into hope for many. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 414.604.3111. Sincerely, Paul Mielke, Principal…”

Bishop Noll Institute

Scott D. Fech, Principal
Feb 13, 2008

“… Dear Administrator, It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Mann Spitler to bring Manda's Story to your school. Dr. Spitler spoke to my middle school and high school students on Monday, January 28, 2008. I have no doubt in my mind that his story has changed their lives. His personal accounts of the events leading to Manda's death were real and understandable to my students. From the moment he began to share the story, the students were attentive to each detail. The students spoke of the presentation days after his presentation as they continued to process through what they heard. As a fellow school administrator, I know that there are many choices when it comes to presenters for our students. This is especially true when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. I have arranged many of these presenters for my students. Dr. Spitler is among the best in the business because his story is personal and he shares it from his heart. He has a desire to save lives and makes vital connections between the choices students are making now with how those choices will impact their lives in the future. His story is relevant and life-changing. I highly recommend that you allow your students to experience this story. Dr. Mann will make a difference for your students, just as he has made for mine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at the address or phone listed at the bottom of this page. I may also be reached via email at sfech@bishopnoll.org. Sincerely, Scott D. Fech Principal…”

Elwood Community Middle School

David W. Retherford, Principal
Mar 7, 2010

“… Dr. Mann Spitler recently spoke to our 5th - 12th grade students in the Elwood Community School Corporation. Dr. Spitler was brought to Elwood by the coordinated efforts and funding of Alternatives, Inc., the community council, Elwood City Court, and the Elwood Probation Department. Dr. Spitler presented Manda's Story, a story about the life of his daughter who died from drug overdose at much too young an age. Dr. Spitler captivated our students with his daughter's story. I have no doubt that his message will be a lasting one with many of our students. I cannot imagine going through what Dr. Spitler has had to endure with his daughter's passing. What a courageous man to share his story so that others may benefit from his pain. I strongly recommend his program to other schools. Feel free to contact me at 765-552-7378 or dretherford@elwood.k12.in.us for further information regarding Dr. Spitler's presentation of Manda's Story. Sincerely, David W. Retherford, Principal.…”

Tri-Central High School

Dave Driggs, Tri-Central MS/HS Principal
Oct 25, 2010

“… Today our Middle School and High School students experienced one of the most moving and exceptional convocations that I have seen in my thirty plus years of educations work. Manda's Story, presented by her father Dr. Mann Spitler, deals with poor choices that eventually conclude with a drug overdose and death of a young twenty year old girl. Our auditorium was packed with over 600 students and staff. For over an hour you could hear a pin drop as Dr. Spitler told the story of his daughter. The message was delivered very simply but contained a great deal of emotion that captured our student's attention and respect from the start. It was an excellent lesson for our students that I am sure had some immediate impact on them. I would strongly recommend this convocation to any organization to any organization wanting to make an impact on the youth that they work with. If you have any questions or would like to know more of Tri-Central's reaction, please contact me. - Dave Driggs…”

Zionsville Community High School

Greg Hall
Oct 14, 2009

“… As an Assistant Principal of Zionsville Community High School, I am writing to provide my highest recommendation for Mr. Mann Spitler as a guest presenter at your school. We had approximately 1200 students involved in Mr. Spitler's presentation and it turned out to be one of the best school convocations we have provided to our students. Mr. Spitler's presentation was informative, powerful, thought provoking, and incredibly emotional to the audience. Mr. Spitler's style is very genuine and one that is easy for students and staff members to connect with. Finding the right message and messenger to high school students has always been an enormous challenge for our administrative team and Mr. Spitler's presentation of Manda's Story 100% hit the mark. In addition to the wonderful presentation, Mr. Spitler has been incredibly easy to work with in terms of planning and organizing the event. Mr. Spitler has been responsive to any need or approach we have encountered in preparation for this convocation. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to talk further with me about Mr. Spitler's presentation. I look forward to having Mr. Spitler speak to Zionsville students again in the future. Respectfully yours, Greg Hall…”